Fashion Show

Spring 2013 Couture: Iris Van Herpen

By Stephanie Baladi
Photos: The Citizens of Fashion

With her 2013 Spring/Summer Haute Couture show, Iris Van Herpen further solidified her status as one of couture’s most innovative, adventurous designers. Experimenting with materials never before used in fashion and drawing inspiration from energy and electricity left the audience in awe of completely unique show that is everything haute couture is about.

The show opened with a dancer atop a Tesla coil pedestal, with purple electric arcs emitting from their fingertips. As the lights came up, Van Herpen’s pieces graced the colorful runway.  Presenting the more wearable pieces first, a laser cut skirt and blazer opened the show, followed by an overcoat and a dress of similar design.  The deep black against the soft, creamy white was a stark contrast the caught the audience’s attention.

It was the pieces that came later that showed her true individuality, taking the show above and beyond just fashion. These pieces are truly works of art. Coats graced with 3D printed flexible “fabrics” came down the runway looking almost ethereal. The new high-tech materials are so new that they “don’t even have a name yet”, said Van Herpen. It was this new material that allowed her to create the look of electricity surging through the model’s body. The finale piece, a sharp-angled, metallic crystal dress, reminded everyone that amidst all her innovation and risks, Van Herpen knows what she’s doing when it comes to the design and production of her clothes.

Van Herpen will be debuting her first ready-to-wear collection during fashion week in March and this show is sure to leave people speculating how she’ll be able to bring her style to everyday wear.

See the whole collection here!

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