First Lady Fashion at the 2013 Inauguration

Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second TermBy Juliana McLeod
Photos: US Weekly, The Huffington Post

Just this past week, the United States had the chance to catch a good look at Michelle Obama’s latest fashion choices as she joined her husband and two daughters at the 2013 Inauguration of President Obama. And all we can say is “Wow!” Mrs. O started off Inauguration Day donning a blue, checkered coat designed by Thom Browne. Though the first lady received some flack for having a more masculine look with this coat, the coat was a beautiful color for winter and gave Mrs. Obama a slender look as it narrowed in on her torso then flared at the knees.

A pair of sky blue, J. Crew heels added to the ensemble without taking too much away from the patterned coat. The outfit was completed when Michelle Obama later added a J. Crew, jeweled belt, which fit perfectly with the coat by bringing sparkle to the outfit without taking away from the powerful look Mrs. O portrayed.

1358868401_michelle-obama-inauguration-dresses-467Later, at the Inaugural Ball, watchers noticed Michelle Obama’s appeal to wearing Jason Wu’s designs. Four years ago, at her husband’s first Inaugural Ball, Mrs. Obama wore an ivory dress  with a one-shoulder Grecian style designed by Wu. No one was expecting Mrs. O to choose a dress that stood out from the crowd so much and many seemed to question why the first lady wore what looked like a wedding dress or why she chose a more innocent style.

However, at this past Inauguration Ball, Michelle Obama blew all of us away with her gorgeous choice of red by Jason Wu. The ruby-red, halter dress beautifully accentuated Mrs. O’s arms and emphasized her height as the velvet accents in the fabric reached to the ground. Designers were surprised Michelle Obama did not choose to show off a design of a new and upcoming designer but she has been known to choose designs that she feels completely comfortable with – and we can now see why. The dress reflected her own edge of power next to her already-powerful husband, as no one expected such a bright color. All in all, Mrs. O managed to both pick a designer’s dress she felt safe with as well as stun her audience. Kudos.

Inaugural Parade Held After Swearing In CeremonyLast but not least, we cannot forget about the first lady’s fabulous new hairdo. Whoever said that bangs and a bob couldn’t be pulled off together was wrong and the First Lady is Exhibit A.

Viewers and fans did not see this change in hairstyle coming and were almost more shocked by the hair than the outfits. Yet the professional haircut and the beloved bangs managed to add to her outfits and mark her down in history as the first First Lady since Jackie O to set forth a trend of style for us viewers to look up to.

Did you keep up with all the fashion during the Inauguration? Tell us about any of your favorite looks that we missed in the comments below!

One thought on “First Lady Fashion at the 2013 Inauguration

  1. Great write up! Did you catch Kirsten Dunst in the checked gown last week? Stunning! Wish I knew more about the designer.

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