Fashion Links of the Week

By Jennifer Sun

Two things are on my mind right now, the fact that it is freezing in Boston and the amazing spring runway shows! I’ve compiled a number of links relating to my recent obsession with those two thoughts and other interesting fashion topics.


  1. Baby, it is cold outside. But try on these cute winter headbands to keep your ears warm and hair in place! They were originally used by runners to stay warm while outside but now many fashionistas sport this stylish accessory outside. [Winter prep: Cozy cold weather headbands]
  2. I wish I’d found out about this technique earlier, but learn how to tuck in non-skinny jeans into boots! [How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots]
  3. Lauren Conrad’s site, the Beauty Department, is just filled with so many great, new ideas that are both practical and beautiful. Using sharpies for nail art? I’m practically upset that I didn’t think of it myself! [Mani Monday: New Favorite]
  4. While browsing through some Spring 2013 collections, I couldn’t help but notice Chanel’s hula hoop bag. It’s definitely unconventional, but Karl Lagerfeld defends it as being a practical size for storing your beach towel. What do you think? [Karl Lagerfeld explains Chanel’s hula-hoop beach bag]
  5. What makes haute couture so special? Well, every single article of clothing must be made by hand, which is no easy feat! Watch how these pieces come to life as seamstresses work on it stitch by stitch. [See How A Couture Gown Is Made Entirely By Hand]
  6. You may not agree if leggings technically count as pants or not, but more and more girls (and guys!) are wearing them. In this video, you’ll see a couple of outfits, but there are so many options when it comes to pairings with leggings! [Pairings with Leggings]
  7. Looking for a quick, new, everyday hairstyle? How about three? Asksash posts a lot of hair tutorials that are easy to try out and lovely to wear! [3 Easy, Quick Everyday Hairstyles]

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