Fashion Links of the Week

By Stephanie Baladi

With the beginning of a new year and new semester comes a chance for a new start. Are you ready to try out some of this season’s best new trends? Don’t let the grey skies discourage you, and dress your best this winter!


  1. Erika Bowes is definitely one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She manages to blend thrifted and designer pieces seamlessly creating truly unique outfits. Her blog and sense of style never fail to lend some inspiration when you’re in need of something new and fresh. [Handful of Fashion]
  2. This blog has everything you could ever hope for! It highlights some of the best pieces from the season, updates you on hot new trends and collections, and (my personal favorite) posts outfit collages that are elegant, stylish, and easy to recreate. [Le Fashion]
  3. Now that 2012 has come and gone let’s take a look at some of the best and worst trends of the year. Do any of them have the power to stay strong in the new year? Have a look for yourself and decide! [ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 2012′s Biggest Beauty Trends Explained]
  4. On Friday it was announced that Alexander McQueen will not be participating in Fashion Week in March. Creative director Sarah Burton will be on maternity leave, leaving us all to wait until September for our fix of McQueen runway genius. [Refinery29: Nooooo! Alexander McQueen Plans To Skip Its March Runway Show]
  5. Want a salon quality manicure without having to pay the salon price? Well Blair Fowler has got you covered! In this tutorial she shows you just how to give yourself the perfect manicure and properly care for your nails at home. [HOW TO: Give Yourself A Manicure]
  6. A staple for every girl during the winter months is a good pair of tights. Nothing is more frustrating than putting together a perfect ensemble only to realize those opaque black tights you wanted to wear have run up the leg. Check out the list here to see which tights hold up the best and start planning your outfits! [Refinery29: Basic Training: Black Tights That Never Rip]
  7. Planning on hitting the slopes this winter? Well if you want to add a fashionable touch to you outfits Diana Tsui has put together a slideshow of warm and colorful pieces that’ll be sure to make you stand out among the rest. [The Cut: Destination Sundance: Twenty Pieces for the Snowy Slopes]
  8. Want to know the top trends for this season? Well look no further than Harper’s Bazaar where they’ve compiled a list of everything from lipsticks to hairstyles to make sure you’re in the know. [Harper’s Bazaar: Beauty Bazaar: Bright Focus]
  9. A perfect way to add a pop to your outfit is with a scarf, and in the winter, the added layers are sure to be welcome. In this video see how to style your scarf 25 different ways in under 5 minutes! [25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!]
  10. After trying out all of the new make up trends this season you’re sure to have a few dirty brushes. That’s where this tutorial comes in handy! Michelle Phan shows you a simple way to clean, disinfect, and dry your brushes so they stay as good as new after every use. [Squeaky Clean Brushes!]

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