Can Prabal Gurung for Target Save Designer Collaborations?

By Catherine Civgin
Photos: Elle,

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Diamond Jubilee Tour - Day 1On September 13, 2011, Target debuted their collaboration with Missoni online and in stores. Within minutes of the collection’s release, Target’s website crashed and in-store merchandise sold out across America. The collaboration, which included over 400 items, became the biggest partnership in the retailer’s history and was considered an unprecedented success.

Flash-forward to fall 2012 and the release of two anticipated designer collaborations: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M and a Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration featuring over 20 designers. Both collaborations, of similar concept to the Missoni x Target, failed to sell and merchandise from both collections end up highly discounted. But why did these collections fail? People in the industry have different ideas, but the bigger question on everyone’s mind is, “Has the era of designer collaborations ended?”

So here we are in the new year and Target is gearing up for their collaboration with 38-year old, Nepal-raised fashion designer Prabal Gurung. Gurung, who launched his fashion house in 2009 and quickly became a celebrity favorite, has dressed the likes of Eva Mendes, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michelle Obama.

So how successful will Gurung’s Target collection be? From the looks of the enviable promotional photographs, released earlier this week, it will be very successful and might even save designer collaborations.

The 80-piece collection, which debuts on February 10th, is inspired by the different stages of love and features items suitable for each romantic milestone. Gurung’s trademark bright colors and floral prints define the collection and provide the perfect transition into spring fashion. Standout looks from the collection can be seen below.





The collection includes clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry and will debut on February 10th, 2013. Item prices range from $12.99 to $199.99.

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