Pre-Fall 2013 E-Board Pick: Band Of Outsiders

By Sarah Darrow

As each year goes on, my personal style steadily evolves. While I am never going to shy away from bright colors and fun prints, I have found myself far more attracted to neutral hues and solid prints. That is probably why Band Of Outsider’s pre-fall 2013 collection is so appealing to me. There is a great mixture of darker ensembles, some interesting patterns found on pants, dresses, and some coats, and a large amount of neutral colors throughout the collection. What I love the most about this collection is the amount of separates. There are a plethora of great outfits that could be put together with the various coats, pants, sweaters, and tops. I also loved the black booties that are put with every single look. They add toughness and cohesion to each outfit.

All in all, this collection is very wearable and somewhat androgynous. There are definitely some sweaters, jackets, and pants that I could see a girl or guy rocking. Most of the pants could easily be worn to the office, or dressed down for more casual occasions. The black dresses at the end of the collection would also make a great alternative LBD for anyone’s closet. The one piece that I’m a bit indifferent to is the denim jumpsuit. It’s just hard not to look at it and think it belongs in a car repair shop. I do not, however, have any indifference towards the jackets and coats. I would gladly add those to my winter wardrobe any day.

What is your favorite piece of this collection? Click here to see the whole collection!

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