Winter Style: Snowy Days

By Jennifer Sun
Photos: Pinterest-bornlippy73, epbg; tumblr-shinewithalight, richesforrags; blogspot-flashesofstyle

Although we haven’t seen much snowfall quite yet, Boston can expect some snow in the next few weeks. So how will we fashionistas look cool while staying warm? By bundling up in every cold weather accessory out there! Here are some items you’ll want in your wardrobe for those snowy days.

1. Chunky knitted scarf – Wrap this around your neck again and again to keep in that warmth! It’s great to have a white or cream colored one because it goes great with everything, but a bright colored scarf, such as blue or pink, looks great against a black peacoat or Northface.

fashion 1

2. Tall boots – These boots are great for walking around when the snow starts piling up. With your pants tucked in, you can be sure to stay dry while looking great! Be sure to wear cute boot socks underneath your boots to stay warm and for more style.

fashion 2

3. Thick printed sweater – This is perfect for those lazy days when you don’t want to spend too much time planning an outfit. Just throw on this loose fitting sweater over black leggings or skinny jeans and you’ll be ready to go. Style it with a cozy scarf and a pair tall boots to pull the look together.

fashion 3

4. Gloves – You’re going to need a nice pair of gloves if you want to play in the snow! Gloves are also a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. Wear a pair of a bright red or blue gloves with a black or gray peacoat. The contrast of colors is super feminine and chic.

fashion 4

5. Hat – Hats are a great way to keep your ears warm, your hair in place when it’s windy outside, and to add some pizzazz to an outfit. Although I featured a standard beanie with a pompom, there are many types of hats for every fashion taste. Slip on a beret if you want a more elegant look or put on a printed fur trapper hat if you want to make more of a statement. Regardless, winter hats are both stylish and practical.

fashion 5

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