Shoebuy Merchandising Co-op

Still searching for a co-op? If you are interested in merchandising, take a look at the Shoebuy Merchandising Intern position!

Location: Boston, MA

Job description:

-Contact existing brands for new styles to add on site and keep track of materials collected.
-Potential to assist marketing department with PR opportunities.
-Analyze merchandising categories on site to ensure all items are properly merchandised.
-Create and populate merchandising categories based on fashion trends as well as using analytics tools.
-Obtain missing information such as heel heights, materials, and dimensions for products on site.
– Assisting with merchandise buying/reordering and vendor analysis.
-Working with the Analytics group to identify popular searches for brands, categories, and new areas of merchandise.
-Special projects within the Merchandising group.

GPA requirement: 3.0

Skills: No specific college major required but interest in fashion merchandising and e-commerce is a plus. Strong computer skills specifically in MS Excel. Strong communication skills.

Personal Qualities: Ability to multi-task. Strong problem solving skills and attention to detail. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Ability to work independently if necessary.

Coordinator Notes: Employer is looking for a student with at least one co-op, but will consider a strong first timer with an internship. You must meet with a marketing coordinator (Bonnie Brock, Brooke Johnson, Elizabeth Larson, or Ernest Mauristhene) to receive a referral for this position.

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