MFA Artist Demonstration: Fashion Photography

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

On Sunday, November 4th, I visited a fashion photography workshop at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston led by Tracy Aiguier. Aiguier is a Boston-based fashion photographer who has been in the business for over twenty years. She also teaches at the School of Fashion Design in Boston.

In order to teach MFA patrons about the art of fashion photography, Aiguier divided the workshop into four different fashion looks with four different lighting setups and two models. Viewers got to see the entire behind-the-scenes process of fashion shoots, from the models getting their hair and makeup done to how Aiguier chooses lighting setups.

Throughout the entire workshop, Aiguier took the time to explain the function of all her equipment and to show how one would use each piece of equipment. The hair stylist and makeup artist also explained how they chose the hairstyles and makeup looks for the models. The models even explained and demonstrated how the process of modeling works in a photo shoot by revealing posing strategies and the best means of communication between photographers and models. Aiguier then offered patrons the opportunity to participate by photographing the models themselves, allowing them to put all the information into practice.

Overall, attending the workshop was a very rewarding experience. The mock photo shoot was a great vehicle to introduce people at all levels of photography to fashion photography, and its relaxed atmosphere encouraged people to ask questions, allowing for everyone to learn even more. Also, having the opportunity to get up there and shoot the models myself and being able to see the results led me to value what these photographers do and see the merit in all the equipment and pure experience. This was definitely an enjoyable way to learn and be hands-on, especially if you are interested in photography or fashion!

If you missed out on the first workshop, no worries! Aiguier is coming back to the MFA on November 14th from 5:30 to 8pm for another workshop. Admission is always free with your Husky ID!

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One thought on “MFA Artist Demonstration: Fashion Photography

  1. thanks so much for attending and writing about the demonstration! it was an honor to be able to present at the MFA. love your behind the scenes shots!

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