Fall Style: Top Fall Essentials for the Fashionable Boston Girl

By Esther Tam & Jessica Arrowsmith

With November quickly changing Boston’s appearance from fall’s beautiful red and orange leaves to winter’s whites and bare branches, the Boston fashionista must quickly adapt to mother nature’s wishes and whims. Here we share with you our top essentials for the fashionable Boston girl, paralleling what’s trending on the runways this season.

  1. Sheer, collared, button-down blouse. The perks of this essential piece is its ability to shift from season to season. No need to dwell on your lost spring spendings this fall: your essential blouse is not yet ready to be stored away in the black hole of your closet. This piece is perfect for layering underneath all things fall/winter and can be easily dressed both up and down. Pay special attention to the detailing on collars this season; the embellishment truly marks your personality, be it a more tough/rugged or classy and polished look.
  2. Crewneck Sweaters. The Kentucky derby may have passed, but fear not, the crewneck sweater is here to stay. This versatile preppy piece can be made both chic-classic or boyfriend-borrowed. Both inspired looks walked the runway this season: Chloe, J.Crew, and Topshop hit the runway with classic crewnecks for the fall, showcasing winter prints, electric colors, and winter crèmes.
  3. The classic oversized sweater/cardigan. This piece is an absolute must this fall–your everyday go-to for a comfortable, classic, and fashionable piece especially on heavy-schedule and bad hair days. Bright and bold colors are showcased this fall, but for an essential tried-and-true piece, stick to neutral tones. To create a slimming silhouette, pair with skinny slick bottoms and layer with a scarf.
  4. Skinny dark wash denim/jeggings. Need I say more? This is THE essential of all essentials this fall and can be worn with everything, including the classic oversized sweater/cardigan mentioned above.
  5. The pleather pant or wax-coated denim/jeggings. A major hit on this falls runways are the waxy-coated and pleather pant. This equestrian-style inspired look spices up your bottom half and can be complimented with a well-balanced and casual upper half.
  6. The classic blazer. A casual cotton blazer that’s comfortable and can be easily thrown on top of any outfit is essential this season. In addition, the boyfriend blazer with its longer shape creates a streamlined silhouette that’s perfect for layering. We’ve noticed a lot of experimenting with leather sleeves, tweed, and denim this season for a feistier look.
  7. Utility Jacket. This staple piece gives you freedom for experimenting this season with its match-all style. For a winter-ready look, select styles with detachable hoods and fur for fun and warmth. Like the classic blazer, this season’s trend of leather sleeves is apparent on utility jackets. Play this look up with studs and other fun embellishments this fall.
  8. The classic infinity/XL scarf. To complete your cozy fall layered look, top off your look with a classic infinity or XL scarf. Have fun by styling your scarf accordingly, whether it is accessorized weather appropriately or styled specific to your look. Don’t be afraid to make a statement by wearing bold and bright colored scarves. Just like playing in the snow, playing with your outfit is fun too.
  9. Booties, booties, booties.  An absolute essential this fall/winter. With options galore, choosing from the classic matte leather, polished leather, or suede in browns and black is a safe and versatile choice this season. For an edgier and trendier style, opt for a studded, colored or metal accented pair. This will take your basic look from zero to hero.
  10.  Arm candy. This spring started a new trend that’s carried over to the fall. Arm candy is a collection of varying pieces stacked together for a bold and fun look. Chains, leather, spikes and classic metal bangles are mixed and matched for a chunky accessorized look this season, matching all outfits day to day. Don’t be afraid to mix in lady-like pearls and friendship bracelets–it’s an all or nothing style this fall.

We wish you a merry fashionable fall and early winter, and hope we’ve sparked some fashionable, fun ideas for your wardrobe, or inspired some fall looks from some of your spring pieces that just aren’t yet ready to be tucked away.

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