3 Days of Haute Style: Dana D.

Name: Dana DeBari

Major: Political Science

My Style in 3 Words: Simplistic. Classic. Feminine.

Background: I try to find balance in everything I do and when it comes to my style, it’s no exception. As a college student and a dancer, I understand the desire to look sophisticated yet feel comfortable. I am also extremely fond of combining high- and low-end pieces into my everyday wardrobe by purchasing trendy items from affordable retailers, while investing in staple pieces that will remain classic for years to come.

Day 1: Sporting events always pose a challenge for individuals who want to look casual, yet stand out from the crowd. By pairing a bright fuchsia sweater with dark blue denim jeans, I was both comfortable and on point with the winter trend of bright hues. In order to create a color contrast, I paired my sweater with chandelier turquoise earrings that I had recently purchased from the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival. To give my petite frame a little boost, I wore my heeled brown leather boots that are both durable and add a certain level of sophistication. Carrying all of my essentials, my neutral-toned, leather color-block handbag balanced out the boldness of the rest of my outfit. (Jeans: JBrand, Sweater: Forever21, Boots: Coach, Handbag: Oryani)

Day 2: For a brisk, fun-fueled night in Boston, a faux fur vest is essential. Underneath the vest, I went for a very simple look with a black, form-fitting long sleeve dress paired with dainty gold jewelry. My snakeskin heels with gold accents added another layer of texture. My versatile, yet chic clutch was able to hold everything I needed for the night without adding any unnecessary bulk to my look. (Fur Vest, Heels, & Clutch: Michael Kors, Dress: Forever21)

Day 3: Comfort is key when grocery shopping on a chilly Sunday morning in a city like Boston. With this in mind, I wore an oversized light pink sweater with incredibly comfortable black leggings. Once again, I paired the look with extremely simple silver jewelry, yet tried to add an extra element of color with my retro, mint-green sunglasses. (Sweater: Forever21, Leggings: Capezio, Boots: Nine West, Sunglasses: A.J. Morgan)

If you are interested in doing your own 3 Days of Haute Style, come to our next meeting on Tuesday 7:15pm-8:15pm in 106 West Village G!

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