Fall Style: Windy Days

By Maggie Antalek
Photos: Pinterest, Tumblr, lookbook.nu

We Northeastern girls have gotten used to the fact that Boston can get very windy, especially in the fall and winter. Our biggest problem is figuring out which shoes, jackets, and hair best accommodate the more blustery New England days. Here’s a quick list of simple solutions to keep you looking your best even in the toughest weather!

To keep those legs warm and safe from chilling breezes, break out the tall boots, knee socks, and tights. If you’re wearing pants, boots can help keep the wind off your skin. If you still want to rock shorts or skirts, fear not! Dig up your favorite patterned tights or sweater socks to cover your exposed legs with style.

On top, you might want to consider a cute leather jacket or lighter pea coat  Either will block the wind to keep you warm, and is still easy enough to carry around if the breeze goes away. Also think about throwing on an infinity scarf to cover up your neck, since wind always seems to find its way to any part of your skin on a cold day. So, instead of lugging around a huge, heavy jacket, having something smaller along with a scarf will make going from windy to warm less of a hassle.

Probably the biggest problem of all is the hair, particularly if you have long hair like me! I’ve accepted the fact that the best way to avoid the fussiness of hair in your eyes, stuck to your lip gloss, and getting knotted is just to pull it back. Of course if you don’t love your hair in a ponytail, there are other easy and equally cute up-dos.

One of this season’s favorite is the top knot bun, which can be achieved just by twisting your hair up, around, and pinning it down. Adding a cute headband or bow is a quick way to accessorize. Many are now using the “sock bun” trick to make their buns look fuller, so that’s an option too! Still, if you don’t like buns there’s always the simple side braid or low ponytail with a cute hat to hold it all down on gustier days.

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