Fall Style: Graphic Sweaters

By Brooke Kamenoff
Photos: Jak&Jil, J.Crew

If there is one trend I’m kind of ashamed to admit I love this fall season, it’s definitely the graphic sweater. For one, I got rid of all my graphic tees and pullovers long ago when I began leaning towards a classic, minimalistic personal style. But now, of course, that’s something I slightly regret seeing as fashion has once again cycled back to this fun look.

Brands like Kenzo and J.Crew know just how to pull at my heartstrings whether it’s a powerful, roaring lion or cute little bird dominating the middle of the sweater. Somehow, this trend no longer seems childish and is instead a lighthearted throwback with a grown up twist. So, how do you go about styling this key piece?

1. Denim: Well, for starters, you probably don’t want to do anything too crazy on the bottom–unless you’re one for mixing unlikely patterns and somehow pulling it off. Try a classic blue jean or colorful denim to allow your sweater to pop and stay the main part of your ensemble.

2. Chunky Jewelry: You’re already going all out with the crazy emblem on your pullover, so why not add a few more eye-catching pieces? Your best bet here is to experiment with bracelets and rings. Keep it fresh, stack them up, and mix different metals/textures.

3. Over A Button-Down: Need some extra warmth? Pair your favorite button-down shirt with your graphic sweater for a preppy take on the trend. Keep the colors complementary for a classic look or make it more modern by clashing the hues.

4. Ankle Boots: Almost all students have this staple piece in their wardrobe and now is the time to utilize it. Suede, leather, heel, no-heel, black, tan… the list can go on but almost any variation of this shoe will go great with a graphic pullover and not outshine it.

Have any other advice on how to wear a graphic sweater? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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