Haute Speaker Recap: Krista Casey and Dave Kavaler of Boston Street Style

By Maggie Antalek
Photos: Daniel McCarthy

Krista and Dave

On Tuesday, October 17th, Haute Fashion heard from Krista Casey and Dave Kavaler, the photographers and writers of popular Boston blog, Boston Street Style. I have become a huge fan of their blog, like many other locals, and follow it closely every day. So, several weeks ago, I reached out to Casey and Kavaler to seek possible fashion photography opportunities. With an almost immediate response, I was lucky enough to be able to meet with them before they gave their talk to Haute Fashion. We discussed fashion photography and I was able to hear a little background about what they do. They were so gracious to give us their time and start-up knowledge about how to be successful in a field like fashion, or anything in the arts, for that matter.

Casey and Kavaler attended Northeastern University and studied Digital Art until Casey changed gears for Graphic Design and Kavaler for Media Studies. Since graduating in 2009, they have been working as graphic designers. They started the blog only five months ago and it has been quick to gain local fame. “Obviously street style isn’t new…. but in Boston, there was no one that was really doing it as well as we knew we could do it,” Kavaler said. Casey shared that she was “between jobs” and in an effort to “not lose her mind from sitting inside all day,” she had the idea to start the Boston Street Style blog.

They told us how they tend to gravitate towards younger, more thrifty-looking style since that goes along with their personal taste. They also explained how their photographs show how style changes throughout different parts of the city. For example, the start of Newbury street is more “Berklee-inspired” while moving towards the opposite end brings out the “classic” looks.

Throughout the talk, Casey and Kavaler shared their secrets to success with us. They told the importance of branding, doing what you love, and getting the word out. They emphasized that cold emails might seem like a hassle and discouraging, but that even just one response can make all the difference. They look forward to turning the blog into more of a full time position. Ideally, they’re striving to have more consistency with gigs like the Michael Bastian shoot at the opening of Gant on Newbury and being invited to sit front row for the Luke Aaron runway show at Boston Fashion Week. The two hoped that these types of promotional collaborations will pop up more and more in their futures, so they can expand Boston Street Style as its own brand.

They encouraged us to get involved anywhere we possibly can, to take opportunities when they arrive, and to be ready for them. Kavaler told us, “when you start seeing success in something like this, you’ve got to stay true to the art, which is what it’s really all about in the end.” That piece of advice truly encompasses the beauty of their blog and everything that it’s all about: finding a style that’s right for the viewers and keeping it consistent.

Q&A with students

They pride themselves on quality outfits they choose and photos they take. The final piece of advice they left us with was to “not take it all too seriously.” They constantly remind themselves that despite how time consuming the blog can be, they know they are having fun doing something they love and putting an effort into creating something that is continuing to expand.

Did you enjoy this speaker? Let us know what you thought, or who you’d like to hear from next.

Be sure to come to our next meeting to hear from MFA Fashion and Textiles Curator Lauren Whitley!

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