Designer Christian Louboutin Paid a Visit to Saks Fifth Avenue Boston Yesterday

By Daisy Kendrick

Renowned French designer, Christian Louboutin–known around the world for the distinctive red soles on his luxurious high-heeled shoes–was at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Prudential Center in Boston on Tuesday afternoon.

The socially elite and most fashionable people of Boston were gathered to chat with the sultan of stilettos and join him for a toast on his 20th anniversary.  The relaxed atmosphere provided an environment for fans to mingle and enjoy tasty canapés and champagne while browsing and buying from Louboutin’s latest collection.

Mr. Louboutin then sat down between 4 and 6 PM to sign the soles of the shoes that over a hundred women had brought along with them. As he greeted each fan, he was extremely friendly, funny and charming, causing many to blush and giggle at the overwhelming fact they had just met the king of high-heels.

Louboutin is a favorite designer of red-carpet regulars such as Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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