Haute Husky – Claudia M.

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

Is personal style mainly influenced by our surroundings? Or does it stem from our own personalities and interests? Today’s Haute Husky proves that it has a little to do with both. Being from Puerto Rico has shaped her personal style and sense of fashion, but now, her new–and much colder–environment has led her to merge new finds with her old wardrobe, teaching us that new challenges and great change are simply excuses for us to try new things and for our style to evolve.

Name: Claudia Martinez

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

How would define your style?

My style is very feminine, classy, very girly, and classic.

What inspires your fashion?

It depends on how I’m feeling. Like, if I’m feeling daring, I would try to dress how a Michael Kors model would dress, or, if I feel a little more conservative, then I would take inspiration from a Chanel model, and just make it look younger. Also, I look at what models I like are wearing, then emulate that.

What are the differences in the way people in Puerto Rico dress, and the way people dress here in Boston?

In Puerto Rico, you can see 1 out of 5 people wearing rollers in their hair, and too small and too tight clothes everywhere, which is a problem. Since it is so much warmer, people wear summer dresses and shorts all year. They also feel the need to wear heels with everything! Puerto Rican girls dress up more nicely to go out, but don’t dress up so much everyday like they do here. Here there are more blazers and tights.

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