Fashion Links of the Week

By Stephanie Baladi

It’s finally fall and that means we can break out our sweaters and boots and fully embrace the cold! Are you ready to try some of the hottest trends from this runway season? Read on for more info in our Fashion Links of the Week!

1. So have you been dying to try out a classic cat-eye but can’t get it just right? This tutorial by beautycrush helped me finally master the art of the perfect wing and keeping them symmetrical on both eyes. [My Everyday Winged Liner Tutorial:]

2. 8AM classes. We’ve all been there, and most of us are not fans. But like it or not it’s something almost everyone must go through during their college years. Early classes don’t have to mean looking like you just rolled out of bed. Look here for tips on easy, comfy styles you can slide into quickly before early morning classes. [Style Syllabus: What To Wear To 8 A.M. Classes:]

3. Looking for the inside scoop on the ins and outs of the fashion industry? Fashion Industry Confessions will satisfy every one of your curiosities. Straight from those who have an in with the fashion world, get the latest news on designers and models. []

4. One of my personal favorite parts of fashion month is the incredible streetstyle looks by those attending the shows. Paris is where the outfits really shine and everyone brings their A-game. Take a look at the best street style looks of the Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week. [Street Style Spring 2013: Paris Fashion Week: Harpers Bazaar]

5. How daring are you willing to get this fall? Take a look at some of the trickier fashion trends for this autumn and see if you’ve got what it takes to pull off an oversized sleeve or padded hip dress. [Fashion Dares! 5 Tricky Trends You Must Try:]

6. Want a quick, easy hairstyle you can do when you’ve got to run out to an early class? If so, look no further than the sock bun. My personal favorite tutorial is by wendyslookbook on YouTube. [Hair Tutorial: Casual Sock Bun:]

Photo: Diego Zuko

7. For the past month, people all around the world in New York, Milan, London, and Paris have been dressing up in their best attire, heading to shows and flaunting their on personal style. So who did it best? Check out the thirty most stylish people from fashion month for the answer! [Thirty Most Stylish People From Fashion Week:]

8. Not sure if that cardigan works with that top or whether you should belt your new dress? Well, take a quick picture and send it over to the lovely ladies at Female Fashion Advice. They’ll give you quick tips on how to style any outfit to make sure it looks perfect! [Female Fashion Advice:]

9. When it comes to clothing, black is one of my favorite colors. Once it starts getting a bit colder, that obsession is pushed into high gear. But just because your outfits consist of mainly one color, that hardly means they have to be boring. See how to work this dynamic, chic color into you outfits this winter and how to keep each outfit fresh and unique. [Paint It Black: 17 Ways To Channel Your Inner Lydia Deetz:]

10. Were you completely checked out for the month of September and missed out on this year’s fashion month? Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick breakdown of the best of the best? Well then head on over to Fashionista where you can find pictures of the top looks from the Spring 2013 runway. [We Breakdown The Top Trends From The Spring 2013 Runways:]

11. Ever since I saw one of her posts on Lookbook I’ve been in love with fashion blogger Kristina Bazan – or “Kayture” – and her blog. She manages to post nearly every day and her outfits never fail to amaze me. []

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