Haute Fashion’s Fashion Co-op Panel

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson
Photos: Emily Plourde

On Tuesday, October 9th, Haute Fashion hosted seven Northeastern students who have had co-ops and internships in the media or fashion industries. The seven offered advice, expertise, and an inside look into working in these exciting and competitive industries.

The fashion co-op panel

Chelsea Addy, Krupp Group

Addy worked as Public Relations intern in the fashion department at Krupp Group. Addy obtained the co-op through Northeastern; she sent in her cover letter and resume, completed three interviews in New York on the same day, and then was hired soon thereafter. Her responsibilities included making loan sheets, being in charge of the intern laptop, and organizing and maintaining the showroom. Addy’s advice to the eager listeners at Haute Fashion: “Always have a positive attitude; do everything with a smile. They expect you to be miserable, but you can prove them wrong. If you do the bad stuff, like taking out the trash, they will give you more responsibility.”

Kristina Crowley, ShoeBuy and Gilt City

Crowley worked in Merchandising at ShoeBuy and in Sales and Events at Gilt City. Her co-op at ShoeBuy was paid, but her internship at Gilt City is unpaid. Crowley found the ShoeBuy co-op through Northeastern, and heard about the Gilt City internship through a friend. Her responsibilities at ShoeBuy included obtaining new shoe styles and brands for the website, sending samples to magazines, and going to trade shows, where shoe buyers see what is coming out next season. At Gilt City, her responsibilities are obtaining different sales, working at events, and maintaining the company’s social media sites. Crowley’s advice: “Be willing to talk about yourself; usually people will open up to you, and you never know who you could be talking to and what opportunities they will give.”

Katie Dunn, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Rue La La

Dunn worked as an Art Intern at Cosmopolitan, which she found through a Google search, and as a Graphic Design Intern at Rue La La, which she found through Northeastern. Her co-op at Cosmopolitan was unpaid, but her co-op at Rue La La was. Her responsibilities at Cosmo included picking up and distributing the mail, completing “minis updates,” which involved creating layouts of the whole upcoming magazine, running various office errands, and compiling and making props for photo shoots. At Rue La La, Dunn’s responsibilities included touching up pictures and creating “mock ups” of Rue La La’s boutique sites. Dunn’s advice: “Don’t take things personally. Send a lot of thank you notes, and network, network, network!”

Daniel Christopher, The Wendy Williams Show, Teen Vogue, and GQ Magazine

Daniel was a Public Relations co-op at Wendy Williams, a Broadcast and Fashion Public Relations co-op at Teen Vogue, and a contributing writer and broadcasting and field assistant at GQ. Wendy Williams was a paid co-op, which he got by going to the show as a guest and giving Wendy’s team his cover letter. His Teen Vogue co-op, discovered through a junior stylist at The Wendy Williams Show, was unpaid. Daniel later met Jim Moore, the Creative Director at GQ, while working at a restaurant, and that meeting turned into his unpaid internship at GQ. Daniel’s responsibilities included running errands like picking up wigs to picking up Christian Louboutin shoes at Wendy Williams, interviewing models and industry executives at Teen Vogue, and assisting with production and running errands at GQ. Christopher’s advice: “Go in with a positive attitude and an open mind. The harder I worked, the more I got to experience. You need experience; don’t be afraid to get a job that’s beneath you.”

Kristen Ferguson, Donna Karan New York

Ferguson was an unpaid co-op in the Global Marketing and Communications department for Donna Karan. She applied for the co-op and then had a casual interview before receiving the job. Her responsibilities included maintaining the company’s social media sites, maintaining magazine closets, running errands, working at Fashion Week, and assisting on photo shoots. Ferguson’s advice: “Do whatever it takes to get the job done. Be flexible; there are no ‘nos.’ Be prepared, it’s not glamorous. And make sure to familiarize yourself with the city if you work in New York.”

Marianne Rassi, Calvin Klein

Rassi was an unpaid co-op at Calvin Klein in New York, which she obtained through her co-op adviser. Her responsibilities included running inventory, arranging closets, running errands, and working fashion shows. Rassi’s advice: “Be ready for anything and say yes to everything. Offer to put in extra time and to come in extra days. Do everything correctly the first time, or ask for help.”

Julia Dunton, ShoeBuy

Dunton’s paid co-op was in the Marketing department at ShoeBuy, which she obtained through her co-op adviser. Her responsibilities included sending emails to customers, generating reports on competitors and sales, going to shoe shows, and working with magazines to coordinate ShoeBuy’s products with their features. Dunton’s advice: “Have a positive attitude. You will get more opportunities because you always said yes.”

Did you enjoy this panel? Let us know what you thought, or who you’d like to hear from next.

Be on the lookout for our video of this event!

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