Paris Fashion Week: Ann Demeulemeester

By Stephanie Baladi

Drawing inspiration from butterflies is hardly unexplored territory in the fashion world. However, designer Ann Demeulemeester takes this vision a bit further, exploring “the duality” of the creature, looking at it as both a delicate and fragile, but also seeing its stronger, powerful side. The resulting look was something straight out of a superhero movie, evoking images of strong but chic heroines like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Catwoman.

Known for her tailoring, this collection came as a shock when the first look came down the runway–legs exposed and sleeves flowing down. The looks that followed continued to surprise. Ethereal, softer gowns preceded floor-length, flowing dresses with leather bodices. “Beauty can be frightening,” said Demeulemeester, and her most recent collection showed how true that statement is, showcasing the strong, deadly side to beautiful pieces.

See the whole collection here!

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