Paris Fashion Week: Stella McCartney

By Kate Duggan

Following her massive success with her Adidas designs for the recent London 2012 Olympics, I couldn’t help but notice that Stella McCartney’s SS13 collection incorporated quite a sporty and relaxed feel.

The majority of looks in this collection were created from sheer materials with a see-through feel, a rather shapeless appeal and a color palette that was–in my opinion–repetitive and unadventurous.

McCartney’s choice to showcase many lose-fitting garments was definitely a move away from her structured blazer, which was a staple in the wardrobes of many celebrities from Kate Moss to the sometimes-eccentric Rihanna. However she did present one structured blazer with a deep V-line front opening, structured shoulders, and crisp white color, but perhaps slightly overpowering for the model’s small and delicate frame.

The majority of sporty looks conveyed a lot of color blocking, yet the positioning of the block of color could be questioned. An example of this is evident in the dress pictured. While I adore the royal blue color, I wonder if the color positioning would give women a large-chested appearance and perhaps wide hips? This is merely an observation, but I cannot help but wonder!

Overall, the collection was quite impressive, and I loved the introduction of a professional woman look where we saw deep V-necked black dress with an equally impressive split up the middle. The look was completed by the accompaniment of a black briefcase and strappy stilettos.

I enjoyed McCartney’s use of color blocking and welcomed the use of strong independent colors such as orange, Everest green and royal blue; however, I felt that the monochromatic use of white was slightly overpowering and did nothing to push McCartney’s imaginative and creative side to the forefront of the collection.

All in all though a decent collection from this Beatles child, and it will be interesting to see celebrities rocking the sporty trend, but also to see if this trend remains as accessible on the high street, and perhaps our beloved high-top sneakers will still be on trend and carry us through for another season or two.

See the whole collection here!

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