Boston Fashion Week: South Shore Swimwear

By Kristen McCleary
Photos: Chengxi Tian

The red velvet-trimmed Champagne Room at the InterContinental Hotel was the intimate background for the South Shore Swimwear show, held as part of Boston Fashion Week on October 3rd.

South Shore Swimwear, in coalition with Seaglass Lass and Dune Jewelry, presented two showings–one smaller, public showcase and another larger collection show. Despite a few technical difficulties, both the models of Dynasty Models and The Model Club, and South Shore Swimwear designer, Dana Duggan, maintained the utmost professionalism.

The collection was an eclectic mix of pieces, ranging from bikinis and tankinis to monokinis, in an array of fits and styles. While the fabric and color choices weren’t the most outstanding elements of the collection, the cut and style of the suits made up for it. Two suits that particularly stood out were Grecian-inspired, white with gold key trim. One was a one-shouldered one-piece with smooth lines, another was a bandeau-style bikini with a ruffled bottom. Another suit that excelled in cut was a black, strapless monokini that seemed to bypass a typical monokini flaw of squeezing in all the wrong places. It was simultaneous coverage and sex appeal. The bikinis in the collection were, for the most part, simple but the solid-colored pieces with a seemingly sportswear influence were extremely well cut.

The jewelry worked well with the swimwear and, to add an extra element of cohesiveness, “was all made from metal, sand, and sea glass,” shared designer Duggan. Seaglass Lass jewelry is designed by Joy Carter while Dune Jewelry is designed by Holly Daniels-Christenson.

Overall the show was a success for all the designers involved, and the swimwear provided a bit of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy fall day.

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Designers and Companies:
Dana Duggan, South Shore Swimwear
Holly Daniels-Christenson, Dune Jewelry
Joy Carter, Seaglass Lass

Make-up Artist:
Danielle Scanlon-Hill, B.Boutique

Hair Stylist:
Karina Pippin

Models and Agencies:
Rachel Kiessling, Dynasty Models & Talent
Annie Reed, Dynasty Models & Talent
Colby Radomski, Dynasty Models & Talent
Anastagia Pierre, Dynasty Models & Talent
Heather Seefeldt, The Model Club
Caroline Reddy, The Model Club
Anna J., Dynasty Models & Talent

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