IN THE TENT at Boston Fashion Week: Victoria Dominguez-Bagu for mariavictoria

By Henry Peers and Daisy Kendrick
Photos: Stephanie Zhang

We were lucky enough to attend one the Tent shows just outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel as part of Boston Fashion Week. Last night, the show featured Uruguay-born Victoria Dominguez-Bagu’s spring/summer 13 ready-to-wear collection called mariavictoria with jewelry by Magdalena Stokalska. Bagu’s collection was inspired by “quintessentially summer images; mostly the sea and the beach; sailing, a sunset and the glimmering light that is shed on the ocean.”

By 8pm, everyone was seated, the lights were dimmed, and the music started for a spectacular runway show dressing a woman from fabulously chic day looks to an array of sophisticated evening attire. At the beginning of the show, attention was given to day looks, which were casual but classy, plain and printed. In both color and shape, the day clothes were slightly nautical, but focused on a grey and orange color scheme. White and navy skirts and shorts contrasted with color popping t-shirts that gave the collection a youthful vibe.

Bagu on various occasions used the same material to create different garments; a mid-length dress with swirls and flowers was the same print for a top that followed straight after. The versatility of the material allowed her to show off her compelling tailoring: most pieces were very body conscious with sky high hems and perfectly-crafted biker jackets. The daytime clothing had minimalist form for that casual effect. The colors were strong–orange with beige, yellow, navy blue, gold. All in all, the daywear segment of the collection had a bit for everyone.

Half way through the show, the collection transitioned to evening wear. Sexy silhouettes and shimmery gold reflected on Dominguez’s inspiration towards golden beaches and gleaming water. There was high-octane glamour with gorgeous metallic long dresses together with some slightly shorter dresses all made from the same show-stopping sequined fabric, thus showing again the versatility of the fabrics that she chose to use this season. All the outfits were teamed with heels, which as always, is a classic winner.

The models were styled in messy up-dos and youthful makeup allowing all the attention to be focused on the clothes. The jewelry was simplistic and at most a chunky necklace was put with one of the more simplistic outfits. The closing look to the show showcased the most innovative piece of Dominguez’s, a black evening dress that was classy and simple had some attached jewelry on the back of the gown, potentially something more to see in her forthcoming collection.

Bagu’s collection demonstrated versatility and elegance, appropriate for a wide range of ages. The experience and atmosphere was amazing. Bagu did a great job at creating elegant and appropriate clothing for anytime time of day, woman, and event.

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