College Fashion Week

By Sarah Mohamed
Photos: Emily Plourde

After ending up at a “Boylston Place” several stops outbound down the Orange line in the middle of a semi-sketchy residential neighborhood complete with yelling homeless people and leering older men thanks to Apple Maps, I finally made it the desired Boylston Place around 6 o’clock. The line of well-dressed college girls at The Estate got longer as the evening got colder.

An usher asked, “Are you with the press?” shortly after I got in. Of course I said yes. I wasn’t sure if I actually qualified as press for this particular event, but I figured that meant better seats and I was absolutely correct. There were dozens of press reserved chairs surrounding a black runway. Multi-colored lights reflected off the disco ball and “Her Campus presents: College Fashion Week” signs adorned the entire space. Before snagging a seat, I surveyed the area. Chandelier-lit bars, inviting nooks, and beautiful people were all around. There were stations with complimentary frozen yogurt, chips and salsa, candy, and goodie bags.

I didn’t want to miss out on a good spot so I got situated early. I sat front row, legs crossed, tapping my heel on the edge of the runway to the music while eating those delicious complimentary gummy bears. Co-founder, president, and publisher Windsor Hanger–wearing a red, strapless, mermaid gown–was the MC for the evening and got all the high-heeled ladies to quiet down to bring in the main event at 7:30. She told the audience about Her Campus and the event’s fall and winter 2012 focus. Then she gave the okay for the best part to begin: the fashion show!

The show was divided into four sections and between each section was a student performance. The show began with class wear, featuring deep colors like maroon and mustard off set by bright blazers, horizontal striped pieces, or printed bags and backpacks. The models were wearing cute flats or manageable heels and playfully accessorized with notebooks and iPods. The models in this first section set the tone for evening. They were confident, beautiful girls of all different ethnicities, shapes, and heights, all proud to be representing their schools. The air was happy, friendly, and fierce.

Now it was time for a performance. Onto the stage walked several blazer-clad gentlemen who were introduced as Boston University’s Dear Abbeys a cappella group. They sang Rihanna’s sexy track S&M and made even the most elegant of ladies blush. Windsor joked, “Watch out for those BU boys. Go to BC for a boyfriend.”

The second section was dedicated to everyone’s favorite activity, working out! The models all sported practical pony tails and wore mostly black spandex, calf and ankle length, with fun accents in lemon yellow, aqua blue, and indigo. Put away those Nike shorts ladies, and show off those curves in some cute spandex.

The performance following this section featured dancers from our very own Northeastern! Three lovely ladies wearing black leggings and African-inspired, printed, belly-bearing tops. The dance showcased their talents and was a fun interlude. The Dear Abbeys serenaded us with some Etta James this time. After my heart completely melted, I decided that I will in fact be going to BU to for my boyfriend.

The third section was for weekend wear, which encompassed everything from what you would wear on a shopping trip to a night out. The outfits varied in trends, but what really stood out were the shoes! It became very obvious that everyone needs a pair of suede pumps. Peep toe or not, suede pumps seem to be the must have.

Those dashing BU boys sang to us one last time and led us into the final section, formal wear. Nude heels were heavily featured and many of the dresses had intricate layers of pleats or ruffles, or pleated ruffles. The final dance track repeated the phrase, “You make me feel like a star,” and certainly by the end of the evening, every model, every designer, and every member of the audience did.

One thought on “College Fashion Week

  1. I like the details but the article lacks any form of objectivity. Yes Windsor wore a mermaid gown followed by a matronly black ruffle dress worthy of True Blood’s Pam. Should she have worn any of those? Probably not! Was there an excess of ruffles? God yes! Should there have been that many ruffled dresses and tops? God no! Sunglasses with workout wear? Yes, if you’re going for “chonga does zumba dancing”.

    It’s the Dear Abbeys and yes the Etta James song melted everyone’s hearts.

    Don’t get me wrong, I praise the idea and the fashion show, but that doesn’t mean we have to write as if we were pre-teen girls at Disneyland for the first time!

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