IN THE TENT at Boston Fashion Week: Luke Aaron

By Brooke Kamenoff

I’m not sure where to begin with Luke Aaron’s collection but let me start off by saying that when you hear audible “oooh’s” and “aahh’s” throughout the show, you know it’s a good one. The collection was inspired by mid-20th century silhouettes influenced by the arts of Japan, which audience members could tell through the dramatic origami folds and pleated draping.

Luke Aaron sent pieces down the runway made of floating organza, chiffon, and satin in pastel colors that played backseat to the craftsmanship and detail of each look. The beginning of the show featured daytime outfits, which were elegant, classy, and perfect for any professional woman. For the second half of the collection, gowns dominated the runway and each frock seemed to be even more gorgeous than the last. A few of my favorites included a creme belted top paired with a plaid, full skirt and also a dress accented by a peacock feather pattern on the bottom. Check out the collection and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Look out for more from Boston Fashion Week!

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