IN THE TENT at Boston Fashion Week: Firas Yousif Originals

By Sarah Darrow

This Friday, I got the chance to see the Firas Yousif Originals collection at Boston Fashion Week. It featured a large assortment of dresses ranging from daytime cocktail appropriate, all the way to wedding gowns. The colors also came in a wide array from yellow to purple to ivory. Everything looked very high-end and could appeal to people from twenty-five to sixty-five. There was a good balance of modest gowns and short, flirtier dresses.

The collection began with multi-colored checkered cocktail dresses and continued with metallic toned dresses. I had no idea what to expect as each new group of dresses came down the runway, especially when it transitioned from the metallic hues to Asian-inspired satin fabrics. The following group was comprised of couture evening wear, some of which had interesting details around the neckline and arm straps. My favorite piece from this group was definitely a long, sparkly, one-shouldered dress with a large purple flower on the left shoulder. This gown had a fun shape, and the bow only made it more spectacular.

The fashion show ended with a collection of more evening wear and bridal gowns. The gowns came in many silhouettes and the final dress had an oversized bow embellishment, which received a great response from the audience.

Another noticeable dress in the later collection was one with very unique sleeves. It was a simple, white floor length gown with full-length sleeves. The unique twist was that the sleeves looked like a long, connected set of rings down the model’s arms. They were modest, but still gave a peek-a-boo of skin, depending on how her arms moved. This was a very couture detail that would actually be fun to play with for daytime dresses and tops that we could even wear to class.

Throughout the show, some of the models got to sport fabulous headpieces, such as giant bows, feathers, hats and other large clips. The jewelry was all very elegant and fit in with the evening wear looks.

Overall, the pieces were one-of-a-kind and would be great options for a black tie event or classy brunch. After going in with no idea of what to expect, I was excited by what I saw and looked forward to seeing what creations would come down the runway. Another perk was receiving one of the gift bags that came with some fun goodies, like hair mousse, a bracelet from Alex and Ani, two tall glasses and other fun treats!

More Boston Fashion Week Coverage to come!

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