Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani

By Kate Duggan

The image of a kaleidoscope brings back childhood memories. To use this object, you look in one end and light reflects off a number of beads and objects to create an optical illusion and a constantly changing pattern. So it was interesting to learn that Giorgio Armani had called his SS13 collection “Kaleidoscope.”

Known for his clean and tailored lines, the designer’s transition to creating a collection that held a sense of mystery and illusion was interesting. The first pieces we saw were nondescript items in which a pale grey was the staple color  Pajama bottoms and layering featured strongly in the look, and the almost reflective sheen from the clothing could be linked to the kaleidoscope name and theme.

We saw four similar looks in the midsection of the show where the looks featured were floaty dresses in sheer material embossed with a flowery print, which could easily be linked to the summer theme and collection. A definite trend could be seen in the pieces in the final leg of the show: black apparel with star embellishments, which caught the light and created an explosion-like vision.

The palette used throughout the collection was, in my opinion, quite boring. Grey was the predominant color throughout and we saw an appearance of shimmering blue, jade, and mint. This is quite a bland range of colors and I would have expected something more definite and bold from Armani.

As one blogger noted, the collection appears “elegant in design yet eccentric in concept.” The real question is, how will these trends translate to the high street and will “real” women be willing to wear these designs? Personally, the trend is too out there for me and is more of a whimsical creation than a real fashion statement. It is one trend that I will be avoiding and leaving for the star gazers and daydreamers of our generation.

See the whole collection here!

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