London Fashion Week: Mulberry

By Kate Duggan
Photos: Mulberry

Through the medium of fashion, no one effectively captures the British image and concept quite like Mulberry. From its humble beginnings in the seventies, Mulberry has succeeded on an international scale and is renowned world-wide for its structurally recognizable leather bags. However, the Spring/Summer ’13 collection focused more on the clothes, so perhaps it is this end of company creative director Emma Hill is trying to promote.

Seeing as it was an SS show, I fully expected this collection to consist solely of floaty dresses and trouser suits in whites and pastels. This, however, was not the case! The main pieces of interest in this collection were the jackets and the eye-catching prints. The mint green biker jacket and the off-white structured jacket with a large, stiff collar are bound to be coveted once they hit the shops.

Floaty gecko print featured heavily in the collection, yet it was the innovative idea to coordinate the design on the bags to the outfit that really differentiated the Mulberry show.

On a color scale we saw a lot of biscuit browns, mint, and the old-fashioned white. However, navy featured strongly throughout the show, so it may be a color to stock up on for the upcoming season.

Although the clothes were pushed to the forefront, one couldn’t ignore that every outfit was accessorized with a covetable bag. We also saw the launch of the “Willow” tote which has a detachable envelope pouch at the front. Perhaps this will become this season’s “it” bag!

Finally, true to its form, Mulberry once again wowed audiences with its “English Country Garden” theme and introduced a fun factor to the show through the use of poodles as models and garden gnomes located throughout the hotel in keeping with the fun and quirky theme.

See everything on Mulberry’s fashion week site!

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