Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion

By Carly Metz
Photos: Urban Outfitters

Like it or not, this weekend officially marks the end of our easy-going summer days and the beginning of fall.  We’re back in school, beach days are long gone, and it’s time to start facing the colder weather.  But don’t worry just yet, summer style lovers!  If you aren’t quite ready to part with your favorite breezy-weather pieces, there are still ways to incorporate them into warmer fall looks.  Here are our best tips:

For high-waisted shorts: Fashionistas are all about high-waisted shorts, a trend back from the 80’s and bigger than ever.  These can easily transition for fall with the addition of tights. Wearing tights under your shorts not only adds warmth, but is a trendy and urban look.  Plus in the world of tights, the opportunities are endless–plain black, sheer black, ribbed, colored, dotted, printed… If you’re looking for a plethora of them just check out any Urban Outfitters.

If your top has a lot going on, plain black tights will balance it out.  If your top is plain, fun tights can spice up you look.  Regardless of what you choose, they are an easy addition to keep your trusty high-waisted shorts far from the back of the closet.

For teeny tops: Don’t want to say goodbye to your cute, summer music festival ready bandeaus and bralettes?  Wear them under off-the-shoulder, semi-sheer, and low-backed long sleeve shirts and sweaters.  The little pop of lace or color will add style to anything.  Already missing crop tops?  Pair them with something extra high-waisted, add a leather jacket or thick cardigan and you’re good to go!

For summery dresses and sundresses: This is where it gets a bit tricky.  Some patterns–for example whites, summery colors, flowers, etc.–might look a bit odd if carried through to the fall and winter months.  But some will work fine if you just add layers.  A belted cardigan, sweater, scarf, and tights can help keep your dresses in full rotation.  For a more fall-esque look, just add something dark, like a black blazer.

Shoe-wise: The sadness of saying goodbye to sandals should be overshadowed by the excitement of wearing cute boots again.  This season, the Jeffery Campbell Rumble boot has been a popular pick.  Their simple, bold style adds an instant dose of cool to any outfit, and they come in a variety of styles and colors for everyone–black studded, tan suede, fringe, etc.  Over-the-knee boots, combat boots, and rain boots will all be fall and winter necessities.  Also, keep in mind a great way to set yourself apart is to wear your boots with socks peeking out.  Over the knee socks work better with taller boots, but scrunched socks are great for peeking out of shorter boots.  Plus, they add extra warmth!

Haute tips: Another great way to stay on trend while wearing your more summery clothes is to incorporate colors that are hot this fall.  Ultramarine green, French roast (a rich brown), honey gold, Olympian blue, and titanium are among the colors listed in the fall 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report.  Popular runway colors noted by major magazines include Schiaparelli pink, aubergine (dark purple), and oxblood.

The main thing to remember is that there are lots of ways, thanks to the art of layering, to wear your favorite summer pieces through the colder months and still look great.  The colder it gets, the more opportunities you have for layering, and the more layering you do, the more creative you can be!  Embrace it, ladies.

What ideas do you have to transition your summer clothes into fall? Let us know!

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