New York Fashion Week: Rag & Bone

By Maja Bradaric

New York Fashion Week has ensued in a striking display of traditionally coveted collections infused now with futuristic designs. However, it is Rag & Bone, a relatively newer line, that stunned the crowd with its perfect cocktail of urban edge and bold African influences. Inspired by the Dakar Rally, the designers utilized rich colors and patterns present in landscapes throughout Africa. The result was a sensual, romantic blend of ivory, coral, green, and sandy hues.

Since its inception, the key to Rag & Bone’s success has been its focus on making urban pieces that are both wearable and effortless. Appropriately, the designs in their Spring collection radiated biker style with edgy leather jackets and ankle-zipped pants. From a trend perspective, the collection also incorporated a hybrid-skirt, or a longer skirt over a shorter one, like several seen at New York Fashion Week this year. Most likely shoppers will see various versions in retail this spring. Rag & Bone’s beautifully executed show closed with supermodel Karlie Kloss donning a loose jumper and matching head piece, which captured the essence of the entire spring collection: effortless, bold elegance.

See the entire collection here!

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