London Fashion E-Board Pick: Burberry Prorsum

By Brooke Kamenoff

Burberry Prorsum is always one of my favorite shows but recently it has jumped to the top of my list all because of one thing: its live stream show. Last season, I wrote about Burberry and the beauty of live stream (you can read more here) so obviously I’m obsessed if I’m writing about it a second time. Burberry’s live steam is so well done, it’s as if you’re actually there (especially if you’re watching on high def). Ok, ok, enough about the live stream and on to the focal point of the runway show… the clothes!

Something I loved about this collection was the pop of color that was found in almost every ensemble (though this is to be expected with any clothing for Spring). Each outfit was also extremely versatile, even if it wasn’t too practical. For example, designer Christopher Bailey sent corsets paired with various outerwear pieces down the runway. The finale was just as great as the rest of the show when the models came out in bright trenches that were just as glamorous as they were edgy. Check out the live stream for yourself on Burberry’s website and then leave your opinions in the comments below!

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