New York Fashion Week: Tommy Hilfiger

By Stephanie Baladi

Drawing his inspiration for the collection from “a nautical journey” for his 2013 ready-to-wear spring collection, Tommy Hilfiger took us back to his Americana roots. Channeling classic fashion icons like Jackie O. and Lauren Hutton, Hilfiger presented an array of effortlessly chic pieces.

From the sundresses to swimsuits and blazers to button-ups, stripes graced each piece that came out. Whether it was a simple straight line or a more energetic zigzag, stripes could literally be found all over the runway. Taking his nautical theme seriously, rope accents were used to put finishing touches on pieces of red, white, and blue. The fresh-faced models had their hair parted simply down the middle and flowing in loose waves, reminiscent of a day at the beach.

Hilfiger’s collection was a dynamic display of designs ranging from menswear-inspired pantsuits to thick cable-knit sweaters, to flowing gowns, showing us once more his prowess as a designer.

See the whole collection here!

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