Haute Husky – Moudran K.

By Sarah Darrow

Life is all about details. Whether it comes to picking just the right words to put in that final paragraph of your 12-page paper, or choosing the right pillows to put on your new couch, details play a fundamental role in our lives. In fashion, details come in all forms; from the rings you wear with your ensemble of the day, or the belt you wear with your skirt or jeans. Today’s Haute Husky put together a simple and stylish look full of great details, including his cuffed pants, array of bracelets, and the detailed pocked on his T-shirt.

Name: Moudran Kamara

Major: International Affairs

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Sierra Leone

Is there anyone or anything that inspires your style?

I guess certain aspects of my style are inspired by the whole Afro-centric movement in hip-hop culture during the early 90s: artists like the A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. But besides that, really any aspect of my surroundings can inspire my style.

What fashion piece can you not live without?

I’d have to say my shoes. I mostly wear vans sneakers, converse, or loafers. But I’d wear anything that looks good and can get me from point A to B comfortably.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Probably just street wear, casual, and vintage.

What’s your favorite season to dress for?


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