Fashion Links of the Week

By Sora Hwang

For many Northeastern students, this week has consisted of packing, packing, and more packing. Haute Fashion has this week’s headlines that every beauty geek should be aware of, despite his or her busy schedule, so you’re welcome!

  1. Between August 21 and August 25, Australia hosted its own Sydney Fashion Festival. Here are a few pictures to showcase worldwide fashion. [Sydney Fashion Festival:]
  2. In a recent finding, customers of Victoria’s Secret have now learned that the hosiery pictured in the store is not the hosiery they are buying. The company, Zephyrs, is suing Victoria’s Secret for using their products on packaging while not selling them. [Victoria’s Secret Sued for Selling Knockoff Hosiery: The Cut]
  3. Tyra Banks has assured all of us that the nineteenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” will be something we’ve never seen before, ranging from an entirely new judging panel to more relatable themes. [Top Model Recap: Meowing, Fake Teeth, and Votes: The Cut]
  4. The Vionnet label has been struggling, trying to make its comeback by making constant changes. Now, there’s another one. New designers are already on their way out. [Confirmed: Vionnet’s New Designers are on Their Way Out:]
  5. IMG topped their own show package by hiring fashion illustrator Danny Roberts to illustrate all 69 of its models in only three days. Watch his process and what he had to say about the experience. [Watch Danny Roberts Illustrate All 69 of IMG’s Models Using Colored Pencils and Candy:]
  6. Coco Rocha, at 23, is doing more than just modeling. She’s acting as a mentor for rising young models in New York City with all of her experience from her presence on 13 different types of social media. [Expanding Her Efforts to be a Role Model:]
  7. Abercrombie&Fitch is struggling with its greatest advertising technique–sex, or at least in the United States. While its U.S. target audience seems to have moved on, customers abroad still love the brand. [Abercrombie&Fitch, Sex No Longer Sells: Businessweek]
  8. Magazines are used to receiving hate for Photoshop blunders, but this time, Vogue may have gone too far with its Lady Gaga cover. [So Obviously, Gaga’s Vogue Issue was Photoshopped, But This is Ridiculous: Refinery29]
  9. Changing her entire look has helped Marina Diamandis, or Marina and the Diamonds, helped her new sound. She created Electra Heart to distance herself from, well, herself. [Beauty and the Beat: Marina Diamandis is Electra Heart:]

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