Fashion Links of the Week

By Brooke Kamenoff

New collaborations, Bastille Day, a Valentino buy-out… It can be a little hard to keep track of all the fashion news this week. Take a look at our top eight articles for Haute Fashion’s Links of the Week:

  1. Although there are no main fashion weeks currently occurring, many critics are still giving their two cents on the Paris Couture shows, namely Raf Simons at Dior and the new age of ‘modern couture’. [Making a Case for Modern Couture: Business of Fashion]
  2. While we’re on the topic of couture, Karl Lagerfeld recently commented on how celebrity influence might actually hinder couture collections in some cases. [Why Celebrities Wearing Couture Isn’t Always A Good Thing (According to Karl Lagerfeld):]
  3. This past Friday was Friday the 13th! Hopefully, you didn’t have as much bad luck as these tweeters that Refinery29 featured… [#Friday13: Girl Tweets Her Horrible, Unlucky Fashion Problems: Refinery29]
  4. The Qatari Royal Family has bought the Valentino Fashion Group for about $700 million euros. What does this mean for the future of Valentino? [Qatari Royal Family Buys Italian Fashion House Valentino: Reuters]
  5. Have you been praying for Topshop to come to a store near you? Well, your fashion prayers have been answered! Nordstrom will be carrying Topshop and Topman starting in September. [Topshop is Coming to Nordstrom: The New York Times]
  6. The changing landscape of the fashion industry has been a hot topic these past few years. Bloggers have cemented themselves at the forefront of the industry. Adweek goes more in depth on the print vs. internet debate. [Fashion’s New Establishment: Adweek]
  7. Bastille Day was July 14th so it’s only suitable for us (and Refinery29) to give a nod to all the chic French women. [Bastille Day Babes! 8 French Style Icons Since 1798: Refinery 29]
  8. Target. Neiman Marcus. 24 CFDA Designers. These things will be coming together for one amazing collaboration this holiday season. has more details! [Target, Neiman Marcus and 24 CFDA Designers Team Up For Epic Collaboration:]
Any links that you think we forgot? Leave them in the comments below!

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