Couture E-Board Pick: Elie Saab

By Sarah Darrow

Elie Saab is known for designing beautiful red carpet dresses with amazing beadwork, lace, and other stunning embellishments. In his 2012 Couture collection, he did not fail to keep up with his reputation. Saab sent another gorgeous collection of dresses down the runway with inspiration drawn from the Ottoman Empire. Every gown or cocktail dress that came down the runway was breathtaking and had that ethereal grace to them that’s not uncommon in his designs. Some of the dresses were cinched with a thin gold belt that helped create certain shapes or added another pretty embellishment to the garment. The hues ranged from black to pale pinks, blues, nudes, and a vibrant teal, all of which had some sort of sparkly touch. Overall, this Couture collection was elegant, cohesive, and filled with dresses that I’m sure we will be seeing on celebrities soon.

See the whole collection here!

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