Fashion Links of the Week

By Sora Hwang

All fall 2012 couture collection shows have officially ended, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate. Although this week saw the end of beautiful fashion shows, it was also the 66th year of the bikini, which goes well with the middle of the summer and the constant heat waves. Seventeen Magazine published its own treaty to support body peace and American Apparel shocked everyone with its newest model. Read on to see what has the fashion world talking. – Exclusive Video: Chambre Syndicale President Didier Grumbach Says Couture Will Never Die

The Cut – The Same Intern Suing Hearst Corp. Is Now Suing Fenton Fallon

NY Times – Innovation in a Man’s World – Enjoying French Pharmacy Finds in the U.S. of A

On the Runway – Life as a Runway: A Watery Catwalk in Brooklyn

The Cut – New Fall 2012 Couture Shows: Maison Martin Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentine, and More – Exclusive: American Apparel’s New ‘Advanced’ Model Jacky Revels Her Age, Tells Us How Her Controversial Campaign Came About – A Monthly Look at the Faces that have Made History: Catwoman

The Cut – Seventeen Magazine Makes ‘Body Peace Treaty’ – Happy Birthday, Bikini! In Honor of the Invention of the Two-Piece, Here are the Most Iconic Bikinis in History

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