Couture E-Board Pick: Jean Paul Gaultier

By Emily Plourde

The Jean Paul Gaultier show will transport you to the streets and speakeasies of 1920s Paris. Combined men- and womenswear walked the runway with precision. Themes throughout the show included waistcoats, top hats, sheer fabrics, corsets, furs, cloaks, and gridded cutouts. The flow went from blacks to nude/camel colors to glittering golds with some red and yellow patterns added in. The show ended with pure white completing the spectrum.

If I saw someone in this Gaultier collection walking down the street, words that would come to mind are sexy, mysterious, elegant, and bold. The structure of the garments fit the models to perfection, waistcoats and trousers with no inch for error. It is a beautiful collection from the tip of the top hat down to the heel of the platform.

What did you think? See the whole collection here!

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