Haute Husky – Michelle P.

By Sarah Darrow

There are many ancient fashion rules that should be tossed out the window. The “you can’t wear black with brown,” “no white after labor day,” and “don’t mix clashing patterns” are only a few. As we all know from observation or experimentation though, these rules have little no effect on people’s outfit decisions. This Haute Husky broke a few with her brown belt on black short combination and bringing two completely different patterns together up top. With this rule-breaking outfit, she put together a chic summer look. What other fashion rules do you think should be broken?

Name: Michelle Paik

Major: Business  – Marketing

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Manhasset, New York

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is casual chic or feminine. Depending on the mood. But nowadays, I’m trying for more of a sophisticated/casual chic.

How long would you say it takes you to get ready in the morning, in terms of deciding what to wear?

It takes about half an hour to plan out an outfit minus makeup and face routine.

What are your favorite stores to shop at?

I like to shop at Urban Outfitters, Club Monaco, Forever 21, J. Crew, and Express.

What is your favorite fashion trend? Least favorite?

Favorite trend is jewelry, the bright hues of spring, and shoes. Sophisticated/modern chic.  Anything from like Elle magazine or those fashion blogs. I’m kind of flexible with fashion trends… I don’t particularly have a least favorite.

Are there any celebrities or fashion icons whose style you like?

I like Rachel Bilson, Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, and this blog wendyslookbook, Tumblr fashion blogs.

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