Fashion Links of the Week

By Kristen McCleary

With all that free time to shop in the summer, some of you start spending all of your hard earned cash and find yourselves back on a school-like budget. For fashionistas out there who understand this plight, I recommend you grab a computer and head to The Budget Fashionista. This website has everything about how to look your best on a budget, from stores to hit to how to make sure you’re getting the right pedicure for your money. I highly recommend this website if you’re looking for tips on how to stay on your fashion game this summer. It combines trends, common sense, and budget tips that any fashionista can follow. It’s the perfect combination.

One of my favorite articles recently written on the website is the site’s Summer Fashion Boot Camp, on how to dress based on your skin tone.  After a friend and I discussed and disagreed on what colors were best for which skin tone, I went online, found this article, and bam! All of my questions were answered. The article combines tips on being trendy and sticking with trending colors without picking one that will wash out your natural tone, or your tanner summer skin.

See below for additional links of the week!

The Budget Fashionista – Summer Fashion Boot Camp: The Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

The Wall Street Journal – Pairing Fashion Sense With Business Sense

The NY Times – Lanvin Designer Alber Elbaz In the Spotlight’s Glare

Fashionista – Fashion’s Most Stylish Guys Give Mark Zuckerberg an (Almost!) Hoodie-Free Makeover for Facebook’s IPO – Cannes: the highlights reel

The Fiscal Times – Millennials: Young, Broke, and Spending on Luxury

Fashionista – Super Cute Spring Dresses for Graduation and Beyond

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