Fashion Picks: More to Follow on Instagram

By Bianca Gracie

With Instagram becoming such a popular app (now Android users can join and it was even bought by Facebook for $1 billion!) there are more fashionistas sharing fun moments through filtered pictures. Here are five more accounts you should follow on Instagram!

1. Carolina Engman – CarolinaEngman

If you’re a fan of the popular blog Fashion Squad, then founder Carolina Engman’s Instagram is definitely one to follow. The stylish blogger showcases her elegant style as well as an insight into her fun lifestyle!


2. Eva Chen – evachen212

Teen Vogue’s beauty director Eva Chen’s work is all about beauty, nails and skincare. If you like the beauty side of the fashion industry, Chen’s Instagram will keep you updated on all the latest products!


3. – fashionista_com

The go-to website for all things fashion, Fashionista, gives you an all-access pass to the best industry events happening in NYC, LA, and all around Europe.


4. – psimadethis

Erica Domesk, founder of P.S. I Made This, is known for her quirky DIY fashion projects. With her Instagram account, she takes you behind the scenes to where she buys her products. She also shares pictures of cool events in NYC!


5. – NastyGal

 Nasty Gal is a LA-based online clothing store that is best known for its grungy-yet-girly rocker aesthetic. Their Instagram account reflects that style, with backstage pictures of photo shoots, events in LA and sneak peeks of new items for the store!

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