Haute Husky – Emily P.

By Sarah Darrow

Name: Emily Pearson

Year: Freshman

Major: History

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Where do you buy most of your clothes?

I buy my clothes from pretty much all over the place, but most of my clothes are from Goodwill and random thrift stores (my favorite in Boston is Boomerang).

How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Organic, feminine, and print-oriented

What is your favorite fashion staple in your wardrobe?

It’s more of an accessory but I’m obsessed with my La Mer watch.

What is your favorite season to dress for?


Since the weather has been fluctuating between spring and fall-like tendencies, tights are still a necessity. It’s cold in the morning, but turns into skirt weather by the afternoon, which only adds to the stress of deciding what to wear in the morning. This Haute Husky put together a perfect transitional weather outfit with her shorts and tights combo. Not only are they a great alternative for jeans, but they are also two things that most students have in their closet. Another great aspect of her ensemble is the polka-dotted cardigan, which is an easy way to add pattern to an otherwise simple but cute look. How will you put together pieces in your wardrobe that can easily go from cold to warm?

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