Haute Speaker: Jay Calderin, Founder of Boston Fashion Week

Mark your calendars! Jay Calderin, the founder of Boston Fashion Week will be coming to speak at Haute Fashion on Thursday, April 5th! In addition to being its founder, Jay also serves as the Executive Director of Boston Fashion Week. He is also an instructor and Director of Creative Marketing at the School of Fashion Design in Boston.

Jay is the author of two books: Form, Fit, Fashion: All the Details Fashion Designers Need to Know But Can Never Find, and Fashion Design Essentials: 100 Principles of Fashion Design. He has collaborated with Alicia Kennedy and Emily Banis Stoehrer on Fashion Design, Referenced scheduled for release on October 1, 2012.

In his capacity as a fashion designer, his work has graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, the Boston Globe and the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. He has authored many articles and columns for newspapers, magazines and the internet, and has worked as an accredited fashion editor, photographer and as a fashion commentator for television. Find out more about Jay here!

Thursday, April 5th
Time: 6–7:30 PM
Location: 102 West Village G
Find this event on Facebook
Pizza and refreshments for those who get there early!

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