Polyvore Competition!

Hey Northeastern! Haute will be starting up a fun competition! It will be on Polyvore and it’s a great way for you to get to know the style of other students in fashion club.

For those of you unfamiliar with polyvore.com, it is a wonderful website that essentially allows you to style outfits with creative backgrounds; you are really free to do whatever you like. The site provides you with thousands of different articles of clothing from almost every designer you can imagine. Once you get sign up for a free account (look in top right corner), you can scroll through everything and create an outfit. It’s kind of daunting at first because of all the options, but you can make your layout as simple or complex as you like. It can help to look at other members’ sets to see how they put them together.

There are also contests that are held pretty frequently by the actual website and by other members through groups that you can join or be invited to join. We would like to have anyone who is interested sign up (if you don’t already have an account) on Polyvore, create a profile, and take part in contests. The winning outfit, which will be voted on by everyone in the group would be featured on Haute Fashion’s blog, Facebook page and Twitter!

Sarah is running our contest and has an account under the name sd0105. She will create a group called NEU Haute Fashion and invite everyone who wants to participate. If you are interested, please create an account and email Sarah (darrow.s@husky.neu.edu) your username so she can invite you to the group. Please do this by Monday, April 2nd! Once you are on the site, it is fairly easy to navigate and the contests are are pretty simple. If you have any questions, feel free to email Sarah or Haute Fashion.

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