Write for Haute Fashion + Open Positions

Hey Northeastern! Do you like writing? How about fashion? Do you want to gain more experience in journalism or communications? Are you looking to get more involved with Haute Fashion?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should apply for a position on our website! We are looking to build our team and expand our readership. Take a look at the descriptions below and contact our Executive Web Editor at zhang.st@husky.neu.edu by April 15, 2012 if you are interested in any of these roles. Don’t have time to take on a role? Still contact us if you would like to be a Contributor and write for us infrequently.

Haute Husky Editors – Haute Husky Editors are responsible for documenting street style at least twice a month per editor. These editors will take pictures, conduct an interview (via email is fine), and write a small blurb about their subject.

Featured Reporters – Featured Reporters will write for the Featured Interview/Photographer section in which the reporters pick someone interesting on campus/around Boston to interview at least once a semester. In addition, Featured Reporters are expected to contribute to the blog at least once a month (interviews can count as one of these).

Media Manager/FashioNUble Producer(s) – Responsible for organizing video production and being a liaison between Haute and NUTV (contacting people to get equipment and cameramen). Video content as of now consists of FashioNUble and the filming of HF events. The Media Manager and FashioNUble Producer can be the same person or separate roles.

Contributors – If you don’t have time to become a regular writer, you can become a contributor and write for us infrequently.

Contact us by April 15, 2012  if you are interested in being Haute Fashion’s Treasurer, or interested in a Creative or Marketing position for next year. Applicants must be on campus for the spring 2013 semester, though being available for both fall and spring semesters is preferable.

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