Glamorize Your Laziest Days – Part 1

By Jessica Teich

I get it. When it’s frigid out, the days are ridiculously short and everything is gray and frozen and dead, it’s nearly impossible to find motivation to constantly dress nicely. Another contributing factor may or may not be partially due to that special eat-every-baked-good-in-sight diet that comes with wintery weather. Judgment-free on this end; but that’s beside the point.

Summery clothes are being featured in magazines and in theory, it should be warming up soon–but in reality, we live in Boston. Long live the days you refuse to deal with binding jeans and clingy shirts. And there is something truly comforting about the “I’m walking around in my pajamas” feel that comes with an ensemble of yoga pants, a sweatshirt and UGGs. That being said, always tripping over your clunky boots and getting tangled in your boyfriend’s XL sweatshirt can make you look unkempt and lazy, and maybe you are. But, you can easily deceive passersby into thinking otherwise.

Adopting a few warm, cozy-chic staples into your wardrobe can easily help you stay comfortable AND cute straight through the spring months. The best part: these versatile pieces won’t even come close to breaching even the tightest of budgets. Am I suggesting that you dress immaculately when you feel frozen and sleepy? No. But these pieces that play on the line between cozy and stylish should have you warming up in no time.


This deceitful garment is possibly the greatest clothing invention for those who value comfort above all. Why? Because they’re equally cozy and forgiving as any sweatpant, but more tailored with crisper lines. Best part: You look dressed, you feel relaxed. Simple math: This American Eagle pair is 98% cotton, 2% spandex, 100% cute. Brights are hot right now, and this bubblegum hue is insanely fun. But if the winter blues have you shying from other colors, black is a classic, slimming option that always rises to the occasion.

American Eagle Jegging, $34.50


The college classic. Sure, you can pick up a pair at Forever 21 for around the same price as a cup of coffee, but chances that a) they quickly stretch out of shape b) they fit poorly, or most mortifying of all, c) the fabric becomes transparent when it stretches around your body, are all realistic. Spring for this pair of Gap Pure Body leggings – from personal experience, I can tell you these things last. They hold their shape and keep you covered. HOWEVER- If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: leggings are not pants. Opt for longer tops to add some coverage to an otherwise very revealing piece. And be cautious of VPL.

Gap Pure Body Leggings, $29.95


Classic riding boots will naturally ere on the side of expensive, but most won’t set you back any further than another pair of UGGs would. Plus, sturdier boots last, which means no more worn-down fur or toes poking through the front of soft suede. You don’t have to compromise warmth for style, either – just choose a size that will accommodate thick wool socks, and you’ll have effectively accomplished comfort that will rival that of a new, fluffy pair of UGGs. And as an added bonus, boots are a bargain right now. Retailers are marking down heavier footwear to make room for summer merchandise, but luckily for us Bostonians (or at least for our wallets,) winter is here to stay! This is a gorgeous colored boot, and the brushed studs and hardware add great flare.

Macy’s INC International Concepts Shoes Marty Boots, $59.50

Ed. Note: So which tops and accessories should you wear with these pieces? Look for Part 2 of this post tomorrow!

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