Fashion Picks: Who to Follow on Instagram

By Bianca Gracie

Instagram is the one of the hottest trends right now! An app exclusively for the iPhone that provides different filters for pictures, it gives people the opportunity to act like professional photographers. Pictures can say a thousand words, and these five Instagram accounts make for a fashionably fun story!

1. Refinery 29 – refinery29

The popular website continues their fun attitude toward fashion with their interesting pictures on Instagram that range from snapshots of funky jewelry to graffiti on the NYC streets.


2. Danielle Snyder – DANNIJO

Snyder, who runs jewelry company DANNIJO alongside her sister Jodie, is always posting stunning pieces that will make your Instagram feed sparkle! Her personal photos are pretty fabulous too!


3. Leandra Medine – ManRepeller

Need some outfit inspiration? Turn to The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine’s Instagram for her ultra-edgy outfits that are usually topped with some serious jewelry bling.


4. Eat.Sleep.Wear – eatsleepwear

Kimberly Pesch, of fashion blog “Eat.Sleep.Wear”, posts a balanced mix of fun fashion and yummy food! But beware: her food pictures will give you instant cravings!


5. Nylon Magazine – nylonmag

If you’re a fan of the hipster-friendly magazine then you’ll love their Instagram! Nylon’s photos give you an inside look of the hottest runway shows, parties and It girls, all with a downtown twist!

Stay tuned for our second installment of “Who to Follow”; next up, Twitter.

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