Haute Husky – Victoria N.

By Sarah Darrow

Ed. Note: Welcome to our first street style entry! If you are interested in writing for Haute Husky, click here for more info!

Name: Victoria Nowak

Major: International Business

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t know that I can describe it as a set style, but as a mix of different types of style. I would definitely say that I have more of a boho-chic style, but with a mix of a feminine style with some vintage inspiration when it is warmer out. I love florals, lace, fur and anything that has beading or embellishment on it.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

I love reading fashion magazines, and I read a lot of fashion blogs, so I definitely get some of my fashion inspiration there. I also love watching how people dress when I am walking around Boston or any other place that I am.

Can you describe today’s outfit?

I’m wearing my favorite pair of dark wash jeans, which are perfect for Boston because I can easily tuck them into my boots. I also really like the sweater I’m wearing today because it has navy stripes and a gold stripe around the neck of the sweater opposed to simply being a solid color. I’m also carrying one of my favorite bags, which I often use as a school bag since my notebooks and books will fit in it.

With Boston’s weather fluctuating from spring to winter, layering becomes vital. The way Victoria layered an adorable navy and white striped sweater with her army green BCBG MaxAzria jacket is a great display of how to dress for this winter’s indecisiveness. The stripes are eye catching and break up the solidity of the rest of her outfit.

Having a cute school bag is just as important as layering appropriately, which she shows off with her black Michael Kors bag. Clearly, bundling up for the colder Boston days can easily be fashionable. How do you like to layer in the winter?

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