Teen Vogue Fashion University 2011

By Brooke Kamenoff

During the weekend of October 21st, I had to pleasure of attending Teen Vogue Fashion University (TVFU). For starters, TVFU is an amazing event put on by the staff at Teen Vogue to help those interested in the fashion industry gain crucial knowledge about what exactly they’re getting into careerwise. The days are filled with seminars and panels to allow eager students to pick the brains of those who have worked their way up the ranks.

Some of the speakers I was able to hear from were Emily Weiss (of Intothegloss.com), Linda Fargo (SVP of Bergdorf Goodman), Tamara Mellon (co-founder of Jimmy Choo), Rich Tong (the fashion director at Tumblr.com), Aliza Licht (DKNY PR Girl), the Teen Vogue editors, and many more. Head on over to HerCampus.com to find out more about my experience!

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