Milan vs. NYC & London: The Battle of the Fashion Weeks!

By Bianca Gracie

The biggest international fashion capitals are vying for the best slot on the fashion week calendar, and it’s not pretty! Milan, one of the leading fashion cities in the world, is threatening to move their fashion week a few days ahead of their usual slot, causing major problems in the industry.

The change in the fashion show calendar will wipe out NYC and London, as Milan’s prospective fashion week will overlap both cities. Editors, models, designers, photographers, stylists and more are not happy about this change as it affects their business. Fashion week is frantic enough for them! As of now, Milan isn’t budging on its views. So who will win the top slot for fashion week? Let the games begin!

Mario Boselli, head of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (Photo: Getty)

Here’s the breakdown: New York pushed their fashion week schedule to September 13th, 2012 to avoid conflicts with Labor Day. Milan believes this change affects their production and delivery schedule, and has now released fashion week dates that directly overlap with London (Dhani Mau, Fashionista).

Milan wants to show from Sept. 19-25 next fall. New York is showing from Sept. 13-20, and London from Sept. 21-25 (Hayley Phelan, Fashionista). See the problem here?

London’s fashion week is already the shortest of them all; by overlapping their dates there is a chance that they will receive very little fashion week coverage. But Milan does not want to budge; This creates a conflict for not only designers, but the people who actually need to see these shows for their jobs (buyers, editors, models). Who wants to hop on and off on a plane trying to catch the next hot show?

Conde Nast editors have recently voiced their opinions on the matter, as they will be the ones who will ultimately have to choose between Milan and NYC/London. From WWD,

[Vogue editors] like the schedule the way it is presently organized. We at Condé Nast do not want the schedule to be changed. We very much oppose moving the Milan shows earlier so that they overlap or conflict with the London fashion shows — or with the New York fashion shows or those of any market.

They will not under any circumstances abandon the London or New York shows if the Milan shows are moved earlier.

The best way to avoid having a problem is to maintain the schedule as it is now.

While the other major fashion cities are fighting for top slots for fashion week, Paris doesn’t seem jaded by the conflict and is willing to compromise with any changes. Milan and Paris ruled the fashion world in the beginning, with New York and London just picking up speed over the last decade. It’s a debate over old vs. new.

NYC's Lincoln Center (Photo: Getty)

Diane Von Furstenburg, the president of the CFDA, said this to WWD on Monday, October 10th:

“All of a sudden, on the second Thursday next September, we finally have the good side, and now they want to make us pay. I think this is ridiculous. We are a community of designers. I would like to believe that what we have created with the CFDA — the sense of family and community — is something we can do worldwide. We are all designers, we are all in the same industry. We compete with one another but we love and support each other. That is what it should be.”

The designer may now want to swallow her words, as she decided to suck it up and move New York’s dates earlier in exchange for a future formal agreement (Hayley Phelan, Fashionista). Furstenburg told the NY Times last Friday,  “We have to protect the industry. To give jobs is the No. 1 responsibility for anyone today, and that’s what we have to realize.”

With all of the chaos happening with the changing schedule, many will have no choice but to be biased and take sides. This is sure to make this Februrary uncomfortable, as the editors, buyers and designers all meet face-to-face at the Fall 2012 fashion shows!

Click here to read the latest on the fashion week debate!

What’s your opinion on the drama?

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