Kanye West Debuts His First Fashion Show in Paris – Who Says Celebrities Can’t Design?

By Bianca Gracie
Photos: Style.com

Rapper heavyweight and fashion aficionado Kanye West debuted his first collection, called “Dw” after his late mother Donda West, on October 1st in Paris. Anyone who debuts a collection in the city is bound to receive some critique, but the remarks that self-imposed fashion experts and journalists took it to a next level.

Being a long-time fashion advocate, I completely understand the frenzy around a celebrity transitioning into fashion. But it is unnecessary to bash West and his collection the way that most of them did! Some TFS (The Fashion Spot) members even called the collection “ghetto” and compared it to Baby Phat.

Read some tweets below:

@CathyHorynNYT: Next season Kanye should get a tailor so clothes might fit. Models swimming in some looks. Kills the hot look, no?

@JessicaMichault: The Kanye West show, in my humble opinion, is proof that everyone can love fashion but not everyone can be a fashion designer.

@JessicaMichault: Kanye West taking his bow after his debut as a “designer.”

Not everyone is meant to be a designer, but I do like when people step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Kanye really does love fashion, so I don’t mind that he tried to create a collection of his own. That being said, he can do a lot of improvements within his collection. Many did not like that he debuted in Paris, the city that is only suitable for the best luxury houses. I agree that West should have shown in NYC, but he is ballsy. What else do you expect from him? The clothing would have looked so much more expensive if they actually fit; tailoring is essential for any runway collection. While the touches of fur were great, West needs to keep in mind of the seasons. The fashion industry is thinking of Spring ’12, not Fall ’11.

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How did you like this runway show? See the entire collection at www.style.com.

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